WHS Policy


Squires Plumbing is committed to ensuring the safety of its workers, clients, other trades on site and the community when undertaking all plumbing works.

The company adheres to all requirements contained in the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2022 and the Work Health and Safety (Transitional) Regulations 2022 and routinely consults information published by WorkSafe Tasmania to ensure company WHS practices are relevant and compliant.

Squires Plumbing has an impeccable safety record and achieves this by:

  • Providing a safe work environment;

  • Providing and maintaining safe machinery, vehicles and premises;

  • Providing safe ways of working;

  • Ensuring safe use, handling and storage of machinery, structures and substances;

  • Ensuring all employees have access to medical requirements specific to the plumbing industry;

  • Providing and maintaining adequate facilities;

  • Providing any information, training, instruction or supervision needed for safety;

  • Making sure all plumbers and apprentices feel free to ask for help with manual tasks to ensure these are completed in a WHS-complaint fashion;

  • Ensuring all employees feel free to discuss any WHS issues they may have concerns about (actual or anticipated); and

  • Monitoring the health of workers and conditions in the workplace.

Employees of Squires Plumbing comply with their WHS obligations by

  • Taking care of their own health and safety;

  • Taking care to not do anything that could hurt others;

  • Following all WHS instructions;

  • Always reporting any potential/actual risk to WHS to Squires Management; and

  • Adhering to the company’s WHS policies and procedures.