Our plumbers and office staff are well trained in complying with specific OH&S and accreditation/induction requirements of these large contracts.

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Backflow Prevention

Local Tasmanian Councils requires businesses such as medical centres, hospitals, vetinary practices, commercial kitchens and laboratories to have a backflow prevention devise installed on your water supply to prevent contaminated water in the property from re-entering the mains supply or cross connecting internally during a pipe burst event.

Australian Standard 3500 – Part 1 – Section 4.46 requires that all backflow prevention devises be tested and certified by a licensed plumber every twelve months from date of installation to ensure the safety of the public water supply. Failure to comply with these testing requirements will result in legal action against your business by your Local City Council.

Backflow Testing and Certification is one of our core services and Squires plumbing provide:

  • Prompt, reliable and competitive service
  • Fully licensed expert technicians
  • Annual Reminder Letter
  • Testing between 7am – 5pm Monday to Friday
  • Signed Certificate of Test Results sent to you and your Local City Council

If you do not have a backflow prevention devise installed at your premises but believe you may require one contact Squires Plumbing now for a FREE quote for testing, installation or replacement.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

TMV are required in all hospitals, medical centres, childhood centres, primary and secondary schools, and nursing homes. TMV’s are required due to the need to store hot water above 60*c to prevent the to kill off Legionella or other bacteria but to deliver the hot water at 45*c or below to prevent scalding. A thermostatic mixing valve is a mixing valve in which the temperature of the water from the mixed water outlet is automatically controlled by a thermostatic element or sensor to a preselected temperature that is suitable for direct contact with the skin.

AS4032.3 states that TMV’s be tested and serviced at intervals no greater than 12 months and record of test results and repairs shall be retained.

Squires Plumbing has a number of plumbers certified in TMV installation, maintenance and certification and we provide certificates of testing and servicing for your maintenance records.

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Many major plumbing problems and expensive repairs can be avoided by regular preventative maintenance.
From gutter clearing to pit pumpouts Squires Plumbing can provide recommended preventative maintenance schedule for your site/s and provide a fixed price quotation and regular reporting.
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Plumbing problems can cause major disruptions to your business or organisation. Squires Plumbing offer it’s commercial contract customers priority service ensuring you can get back to work with minimum disruptions. With plumber’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year we will be there to get your problem fixed.

With over 20 years of experience in commercial maintenance plumbing we can tailor our services to meet you specific needs. Our plumbers and administrators are able to conforming to your specific WHS, induction and paperwork requirements. All our maintenance plumbers hold white cards, workplace first aid and Squires Plumbing is AIP accredited to perform works at service stations. Many have specialty accreditions and licencing such as backflow, restricted electrical, confined space and working at heights ensuring you have correctly trained tradesperson performing your job.

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